1. Embodied Presence

Practice & Inquiry

1. Please post one insight you learned in this section below?

2. How has your understanding of intention and the importance of embodied resonance in a coaching conversation changed from this lecture?

3. Please practice the three boney cavity presence practice every day for 1-2 weeks. Post what you discover and sure with your peers!

4. Take 1-2 weeks and explore embodying different qualities such as courage, stability, etc., in such a way that they transmit a field of possibility. What do you notice and learn? How is this different than talking about a quality to a coaching client? Please share below what emerges!

Please be aware that because this specific lecture is also a free preview to the public, any comments you share here will also be viewable by the public & may be found in a google search. Other lectures, unless you see this same note, are private comments only seen by those enrolled in the course.

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