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“Somatics is a powerful domain of learning that invites you and your clients to trust the inherent wisdom of your wholeness. It invites one to see and be from a new perspective."

Martina Payette, PCC, NCC Coach, BEing U Coaching, Canada.

As ontological coaches, we know the importance of including the body in our coaching. And yet, we may lack the confidence and experience to integrate somatics into our conversations.

That is why Newfield’s
Applied Somatic Coaching Certification Course is designed to cultivate confidence. Through thoughtfully curated experiences, we will explore, practice and embody the somatic coaching competencies. This honing of the fundamentals will give you the skills and wisdom to freely respond to and engage with your clients, to spark sustained transformation.

The somatic coaching competencies (scc) are the fundamental capacities needed to engage in somatic coaching effectively and powerfully.
They are in alignment with ICF core competencies and simplify what matters in the somatic coaching exchange. As you practice the sccs, you will amplify your skillfulness and artfulness as a coach.

If you are an alumni of Newfield Network's coach training program, and a coach who wants to become more effective in facilitating deep transformation, if you want to see your coaching conversations go deeper, if you want to experience greater fluidity, clarity, and ease in the embodied exploration process in your coaching sessions, this course is for you.

Become a Newfield Certified Somatic Coach

Demystify the connection between your client’s somatic experience and their breakdowns, cares and dreams.

During this 5-month program, you will:

  • Maximizes Transformational Possibilities. Identify your own relationship with body and learn to powerfully orient to the body as coach.
  • Foster Deeper Connections with yourself and your clients through increased Somatic Awareness.
  • Engender Greater Self-Discovery. Learn how to ask potent questions through the Somatic Inquiry Process.
  • Strengthen Somatic Safety & Trust. Support your clients to deeply connect to their own inherent wisdom.
  • Enhance Communication Skills. Tune into the nonverbal, both within yourself and with your clients.
  • Embody the Somatic Principles. Establish the foundation that guides you through the somatic coaching process.
  • Learn in Community. Amplify your somatic competencies through a community focused on the practice of somatic coaching.

* You will receive 40 CCEs by attending our new program! (33 Core Competencies and 7 Resource Development)


This course simplifies the vast territory of somatic coaching. It will support you to navigate coaching sessions with greater ease and confidence. You will know what to focus on in a simple and effective way.


Amplify your coaching presence by building your awareness capacities and increasing your ability to use your whole self as a resonance instrument during coaching sessions.


You will have the opportunity to engage in experiential, interactive and immersive learning: including observing coaching demos and debriefing. We integrate different training methodologies to maximize embodied application. It’s all about practice!

Course Curriculum:

Month 1: Setting The Somatic Foundation: Somatic Orientation, Presence, Awareness and Observation

In this initial month, our focus is on the power of perspective and observation, beginning with an examination of our own orientation and understanding of the body. We will then delve into the 'Coach's Somatic Orientation,' a crucial framing that enhances the transformative potential of our clients. Skipping this step may result in missed opportunities in the somatic coaching process outcomes. Following that, we will explore a presence model and undergo awareness training. Once our framing and presence are established, we will hone our somatic observational capacities. This month serves as the foundation for the entire course, providing you with the strength to evolve into a more artful and skillful somatic coach.

Month 2 - The Somatic Principles & Somatic Safety

During the second month, we will introduce somatic principles and explore how they act as guides shaping the somatic coaching process. Coaching based on these principles enhances ease and trust in the unfolding of somatic coaching conversations. Additionally, we will learn straightforward and effective somatic safety practices to further build trust with our clients.

Month 3 - The Transformational Arc & Somatic Inquiry

In this month, our emphasis will be on the Transformational Arc, delving into a detailed understanding of the various phases of deep transformation. This understanding plays a crucial role in the development of our somatic inquiry process. Knowing precisely which phase of transformation your client is in enables you to tailor your somatic inquiry to meet them exactly where they are in real time.

Month 4 - Somatic Pattern Recognition & Somatic Transformational Tools

In the fourth month, you'll acquire knowledge of somatic patterns, enhancing your ability to observe the body from fresh perspectives. This expanded observational capacity widens our range of coaching questions, fostering new insights. The somatic transformational tools assist us in supporting the client’s insights into embodied transformation.

Month 5 - Review, Deepen, Integrate

In month five, we will dedicate time to reviewing, deepening, and integrating our comprehension and application of the somatic curriculum. The focus will be on supporting clients in sustained transformation by collaboratively designing practices. We will then create a personalized practice plan to ensure continuous learning and application beyond the course. The month concludes with an overview, summary, and a celebration of the learning journey.

How It Works. Course Structure:

Each month:

Week 1: One or two, 4-hour Immersions: These immersive and experiential learning sessions include presentations, breakouts, exercises, and Q&A time. (See Course Dates below.)

Week 2: 90-minute Somatic Coaching Demo & Debrief: Observe a somatic coaching demo and engage in a collective learning conversation.

Week 3: 60-minute Peer-coaching Session & Debrief: In a supportive learning environment we will have the opportunity to experiment and explore together. This is a time for practice, not perfection!

Your learning will also be supported with:

  • Three 1 on 1 Mentor Coaching Sessions
  • Learning guides
  • Co-design Practices 
  • Learning Platform 

Course Dates:

Month 1: April

Monday, 8th: 4 hr. Immersion: 11 am-3 pm ET 

Tuesday, 9th: 4 hr. Immersion: 11 am-3 pm ET 

Tuesday, 16th: 1.5 hr Coaching Demo & Debrief: 11 am-12:30 pm ET

Tuesday, 23rd: 1 hr Peer Coaching: 11 am-12 pm ET

Month 2: May

Tuesday, 7th: 4 hr Immersion: 11 am-3 pm ET 

Tuesday, 14th: 1.5 hr. Coaching Demo & Debrief: 11 am-12:30 pm ET 

Tuesday, 21st: 1 hr Peer-Coaching: 11 am-12 pm ET

Month 3: June

Monday, 3rd: 4 hr Immersion: 11 am-3 pm ET

Tuesday, 4th: 4 hr Immersion: 11 am-3 pm ET

Tuesday, 11th: 1.5 hr. Coaching Demo & Debrief: 11 am-12:30 pm ET

Tuesday, 18th: 1 hr Peer Coaching: 11 am-12 pm ET

Month 4: July

Tuesday, 2nd: 4 hr Immersion:11 am-3 pm ET

Tuesday, 9th: 1.5 hr.: Coaching Demo & Debrief : 11 am-12:30 pm ET

Tuesday, 16th: 1 hr Peer Coaching 11 am-12 pm ET

Month 5: August

Monday, 5th: 4 hr. Immersion: 11 am-3 pm ET

Tuesday, 6th: 4 hr. Immersion: 11 am-3 pm ET

Monday, 12th: Coaching Demo & Debrief 1.5 hr.: 11 am-12:30 pm ET

Tuesday, 20th: 1 hr. Peer Coaching: 11 am-12 pm ET

Friday, 23rd: 4 hr. Immersion: 11 am-3 pm ET

Meet Your Facilitator

"Veronica Love is a coach’s coach. She is all at once a completely safe (non-judgy) and challenging influence, who adds humor and grace to the process of self-discovery and empowerment. Our somatic work always finds the center of who I am, enabling me to embody a grounded, compassionate presence for my life and work."

- Dr. Doug Herr, Wellbeing and Burnout Coach 

Veronica Olalla Love, NCC, PCC, M.Ac., Dipl. Ac. brings a wealth of experience to the table, having co-led Newfield’s esteemed signature ‘Coaching for Personal and Professional Mastery’ program across 8 countries and in two languages for 20 years. Her expertise lies in curating profound somatic experiences that catalyze remarkable breakthroughs and insights for participants.

Drawing from her extensive background in somatics —a realm where she's certified as a massage therapist yoga instructor, and holds a Master’s degree, and is nationally certified in acupuncture—Veronica has now developed an advanced somatic course. This exclusive program is tailored to empower coaches, offering comprehensive insights into integrating somatic practices seamlessly into their coaching engagements.

Her approach combines the depth of somatics with over two decades of experience in the ontological coaching tradition. A certified Professional Certified Coach (PCC) through the ICF, she has also completed the ICF PCC Marker training, positioning herself as a seasoned guide for coaches seeking to harness the transformative potential of somatics in their coaching journeys.

Alongside Veronica’s robust foundation of 30 years of practice in yoga and meditation, she is also deeply passionate about dance, exploring and learning salsa and tango, and now delving into the captivating world of hip hop.

"I wholeheartedly recommend Veronica Love as an exceptional somatic teacher.

-Kerri Ardner Wetshtein, ACC

Frequently Asked Questions:

Will I be certified?

Yes! Upon completion of course requirements, you will be designated a Newfield Certified Somatic Coach (NCSC).

Do I get ICF CCEs?

We have submitted the course, and it is pending for 40 ICF CCEs.

How long will I have access to the recordings and the course material?

You will have lifetime access to the course recordings and materials.

When's my next chance to take the course?

Perhaps next year, and honestly, we are not yet sure.

We can't promise we will teach this course again in the same format or at the same price point.

How much time should I invest in the course?

You get out of the program what you put in to it. That said outside of the program sessions themselves, we estimate 2-4 hours per week.

How will the course be delivered? 

The course is virtual. We will have our live sessions via Zoom. We will also have a learning platform where all of the sessions and learning guides will be posted for you to access as you wish. 

Who is this course for?

In its inaugural launch, this course is designed to be exclusive and intimate for alumni of Newfield Network's coach training program.

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