Is this Business Development Course Right for Me?

You have decided to change the world through coaching…but how do you build a thriving coaching practice?

The skills to be a powerfully transformative coach and the skills to build a successful coaching practice are two different skills.

One skill, without the other, stands in your way of creating a better future.

Newfield’s Business Development Program is the link between having the potential to change people's lives, and the action of bringing that change to as many people as possible…now.

Join us in this 4-month live virtual course.

1. Learn how to create a successful coaching business.

2. Embrace business as a vehicle for the change you want to see in the world.

3. Create or refine your coaching business in a cohort of your peers to support you with accountability and applying everything you learn right away.

"We have the task of bringing the heart and soul of coaching to the world. Our agility and ease as healthy business owners is the avenue through which our hearts can touch and change the future. This business development program truly carries the essence of the ontological coaching work we all love and brings practical skills to the business of coaching."

- Julio Olalla, Founder & President of Newfield Network

This Training Will:

  • Expand your observer and transform the way you see yourself and the world.
  • Unpack the essential foundational principles of running a successful business.
  • Teach you practical tools to run a thriving coaching practice.
  • Ignite your passion changing the world and give you the means to be a successful change agent while also building your client base.
  • Enliven your love for coaching while expanding your skills as a business owner.
  • Embody practices that support business development and your coaching practice.

For over 30 years, the Newfield Network has been training high-caliber coaches. Now, we bring you a live virtual business development program so you can create a successful practice, doing what you love! This program is elegantly tailored for the trained coach, therapist, or practitioner of the healing arts who wants to learn the business side of building a successful practice. You do not have to be a Newfield graduate to benefit from this program.

We have found that many of our coaches become disappointed with the business training out there because, although the content is useful, the context does not fit the heart and soul of who they are. All too often, people report having business training that they just don't feel aligned with, so they do not put what they learn into practice.

You no longer have to struggle to build a thriving practice because who you are doesn't fit with the business norms of our culture. It is the unique style and approach Newfield is so famous for that makes this business program unlike any other.

You will learn the foundational skills, theories, and practices that are needed to build a successful coaching practice. But, you will also learn a radically new context that meets your subtlety, complexity, and your heart.

In staying with the spirit of Newfield-style learning, not only will you learn skills and practices, you will be transformed.

You have already received very high-caliber training to invite real change in the world through your coach training program. Now, it is time to receive high-caliber training to build a business that extends your gifts effectively into the world.

This comprehensive program will take your business skills to a level you have never dreamed of and catapult your coaching skills to the next level of mastery.

If you put this material into practice, you will be successful!

"There are so many business development courses “out there” for coaches that it may be hard to choose. But if you look closely you will find that this course is very special. If you are a transformational coach, you know that the work begins within. Alexander supports your going within to find your passion and strengths and then supports you in going without to do what might not feel so comfortable but is now carried forward easily because of the passion developed first. This is a different kind of business development course that is exciting and even fun!"

- Carol Harris-Fike, Newfield Mentor Coach

“This class was not like anything I had expected and I got so much more out of it than I would have ever imagined. Alexander’s approach and unique take on building a successful business walked us through the process step by step allowing me to reconsider everything I already thought I knew. This course laid the foundation that shaped the growth that was in front of me. Time well spent.”

- James Berry, Licensed Acupuncturist

Course Curriculum:

Part 1: Navigating the Contextual Landscape - Orientation, Leadership & Heart

We will explore a cutting-edge, ontological coaching context within which to hold business development. That means we will look at how we look and understand business. When you and I bring awareness to how we view this domain, we immediate have more capacity for choice in creating a definition of business that fits who we are. You do not have to be a Newfield graduate to take this course. Here, we explore many Newfield distinctions but re-frame them within a business development landscape.

The moment you see your business as an extension of your heart and soul is the moment you will embrace the body of success. 

A huge reason why coaches and other practitioners fail to be successful business owners is because a division is held between "what I do as a coach" and "that strange business thing I have to make myself do." This module will bridge the inspiration we expereince within the ontological coaching tradition with the art and science of business development.

Part II: Three Inner Pillars of Success - Foundation, Vision & Effective Action

We will explore the three most important inner guideposts from which the backbone of our business is formed. When this inner backbone is skipped, action becomes unrooted, undirected, and often ineffective. Overwhelm is the leading cause of business failure. By building this foundation of our business, step-by-step guidance eliminates overwhelm, generates clarity, and paves the way for taking action that is always rooted within the heart of your deepest care and offer.

Part III: Marketing with Passion & Heart

Marketing is the art of expressing the depth of your care, creativity and uniqueness. Through its hand, you will bring a beauty to the world and invite others to co-create a brilliant future.

In this section of the course, we will bridge the interior identity of our business (three inner pillars) with the outer dimensions of dynamic invitation to co-create a beautiful future with our prospective clients.

This includes learning how to use marketing as an expression of service and creativity. Our learning here takes us on a journey to effectively create a social force for change through clearly and passionately inviting others into new possibilities.

Through this kind of marketing, which we call "Value Marketing" or "Marketing as Service to the World," you will have the opportunity to create real value for people in the world as a marketer, even before they buy something from you. Through this, your web of change agents will grow, and together, you will build a larger force for leaving this world a healthier and happier place than you found it.

Sample Topics Include:

  • Marketing Defined- Light Your Heart on Fire
  • Understanding Your Customer & Creating Your Public Image
  • The 6 Essential Marketing Components
  • Navigating the Online World as a Marketer
  • Creating Your Website Video
  • Marketing as Service: Creating Context
  • Marketing Planning & Success

Part IV: Sales

Language is Generative.

That means that using language does not just describe life, but rather, it creates new possibilities within life.

What if the sales process was experienced as an extension of the generative potential of language? What if learning sales was an invitation in developing linguistic skills to change the future? But when it comes to running a business, the word 'sales' still can give us images of sleazy car salesman attempting to get us to buy something we don't want, can't afford, and don't need.

In this course, you will learn the art of sales in a way that has integrity, honesty and is an extension of your deep care for making this world a better place. You will begin by creating two versions of a "thirty second commercial," followed by exploring the art of responding to the question, "What is coaching?," "What is therapy?," or "What is acupuncture?" Whatever modality you practice, you will learn the fundamentals behind how to effectively speak about what you do in way that prospective clients will understand.

Next, you will take your understanding of language as a generative force further by applying it to a comprehensive sales dialogue. Every practitioner who has used this sales dialogue reports that it feels transformative, doesn't feel "salesy," and is surprisingly effective and easy to do. This sales process has been proven to be highly effective in transforming prospective clients into regular paying clients.

Sample Topics Include:

  • What Kills Sales
  • Developing Trust
  • 30-Second Commercial
  • Sales Conversation
  • Identifying Needs
  • Closing Strategies
  • And More...

Part V: The Ontology of Money & Budget...

The topic of money can be one of the richest sources of learning within the business process. With our relationship to money comes our relationship to self-worth, fear of scarcity, and greed. Hidden within money lives a treasure trove of potential.

In module 4 of this course, we will explore the ontological question, "What is money?" We will explore this through the integral four-quadrant framework. Through this, you will integrate the polarities of scarcity and greed and rest into deep satisfaction; the prerequisite for a good life. You will unlock your own value and learn how money is simply an exchange of essence unleashed.

Furthermore, you will step beyond the personal domain and take a look at our current monetary system. Here, the impact of a social system upon the collective and individual unconscious begins to shift our awareness and gives us more choices as we navigate the terrain of compassionate hearts, living within a largely growth-based, modern world.

Sample Topics Include:

  • The Ontology of Money
  • Greed & Fear
  • What Do I Charge?
  • Budget Creation
  • And More...

How It Works. Course Structure:

Each month:

  1. For the first three months, there will be one monthly 6-hour live Zoom immersion session with your instructor. The fourth month there will be two 5-hour live Zoom immersion sessions with your instructor. Here you will learn cutting-edge business distinctions and engage in practices to bring what you learn into the practical.
  2. Each month you will meet with your small group (without instructor), to explore the learning and apply it to your own business.
  3. Each month you will receive assignments enabling you to take your business to the next level through integrating what you are learning into you business development immediately.

Your learning will also be supported with:

  • Learning guides
  • Learning Platform
  • Access to recordings from class

Course Dates:

  1. Tuesday, July 9th: 10 am-1 pm/2 pm-5 pm ET
  2. Tuesday, Aug 6th: 10 am-1 pm/ 2 pm-5 pm ET
  3. Tuesday, Sept 3rd:10 am-1 pm/ 2 pm-5 pm ET
  4. Tuesday, Oct 1st & 22nd: 10 am-1 pm/2 pm-4 pm ET

Your Instructor

Alexander is a coach, business development facilitator, and Holistic Medicine practitioner. He received a Master's Degree in Acupuncture, and graduated from the Newfield Network's Ontological Coaching program. Alexander is a senior facilitator for Newfield Networks signature coach training program and is a professor at three acupuncture colleges where he teaches a broad range of subjects, including business development.

Alexander is a passionate facilitator and brings to life the aspects of the coaching tradition that often seem inaccessible, abstract, or only possible for very few. Since 2006, Alexander has been developing and teaching business programs that, not only support individuals in successfully building a thriving practice but also help support and transform humanity. He has a way of synthesizing material from many domains into an elegant, coherent, whole.

His teaching style is influenced by the ancient wisdom traditions that favor learning beyond the conceptual mind. This creates a unique learning environment where students not only learn new information but also receive a direct transmission from the heart.

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Frequently Asked Questions

When does the course start and finish? What are the course dates?

This course begins on July 9, 2024 and ends on Oct 22, 2024.


  1. July 9th: 10 am-1 pm/ 2 pm-5 pm ET
  2. Aug 6th: 10 am-1 pm/ 2 pm-5 pm ET
  3. Sept 3rd:10 am-1 pm/ 2 pm-5 pm ET
  4. Oct 1st & 22nd: 10 am-1 pm/2 pm-4 pm ET

What if I am unhappy with the course?

We would never want you to be unhappy! If you are unsatisfied with your purchase, contact us at [email protected] by July 31st, and we will give you a full refund.

Who is the Business Development for Coaches for?

This comprehensive program is for the coach, therapist, or healing arts practitioner who wants to build a successful business. It is for someone new to running/building their business who wants to know how to start from scratch and also for the more seasoned practitioner who never felt strong about how to actually run a business. This is for you if you want to learn practical skills in all the main pillars of business such as Marketing, Sales, Money, and Internal Business Design such as mission, purpose, and vision creation. And most importantly, this is for you if you want to transform your understanding of business so you feel aligned with the entire process. See, this course was created over the last decade to meet this central concern: “I want to do what I love and be successful, but I don't feel aligned with the business models of this era. It feels disconnected from who I am. I don’t understand it, and therefore, I don’t want to do it.” This course will take you step-by-step through a process of discovery and you will reconstruct a business model that works for you. This course is NOT for you if you want a get rich fast gimmick, if you want to make money by using manipulative, high-pressure techniques, or don't want to put in the work required to become successful. Building your business will take work, but this course will give you a path forward, reducing overwhelm and offering support in community.

What is the structure of the program?

During this four-month live virtual course, we will have a once-a-month 6-hour live Zoom immersion session for the first three months. The last month will have two 5-hour live Zoom immersion sessions.

You will have the opportunity to work with an accountability partner or group.

This provides the structure and motivation to support your success.

The recorded live sessions will also be posted on your learning platform so that you have access to review the material.

As you will see from looking at the curriculum of this course, it is very comprehensive. I come from a teaching model that seeks to take a vast amount of information and transform that into step-by-step digestible, actionable processes.

But, I am a stickler for being thorough. I have researched best business practices for over a decade and taught the material to many students since that time. Over the years, I have built a curriculum that covers a large amount of territory.