Learn a new way of seeing the world and how to deepen your understanding of humanity.

In the history of humanity, we are more globally connected than ever before. Yet, simultaneously and paradoxically we are also more separated, disconnected, and siloed than ever before. 

With the onset of physical distancing, in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, our inability to find mutual ground has magnified exponentially. From politics to racial inequality, humanity is experiencing immense divisions on a global scale.

I believe many of us have a longing to weave a new reality. One that bridges division with a new kind of learning and a new way of seeing the world. A new reality that lives equally in the mystery of the complexity of life and in the joy of possibility.

It is from this place that Newfield offers you this course, "Dimensions of Being Divided.” Each video and audio recording is 25 minutes or less. We find the perspectives included here to be inspirational and insightful. This offering is a gift and free to you.

With gratitude,

Veronica Olalla Love, Global CEO Newfield Network

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