Learn a new way of seeing the world and how to deepen your understanding of humanity.

As we emerge from a year of startling division, restriction, conflict, and uncertainty, there is a growing yearning to build back a world that is better, kinder, more responsive, and vastly more inclusive.

The question, then, is how do we incorporate all that we are and all that we have learned to create that new world? In order to do so, we know that we must build and foster our flexibility, increase our endurance, and cultivate our creativity. We are ready to discuss resilience and reimagining.

To address this, Newfield is offering you this course, “Dimensions of Resilience and Reimagining.” Hear from 3 world-changing thinkers as they explore essential topics in three 10-20 minute videos that you can enjoy at your own pace. This offering is a gift and free to you.

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Veronica Olalla Love, Global CEO Newfield Network

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