At no other time in history have things been this complex. For many of us, knowing how to show up in an impactful way feels unclear. Being human in this wild time requires we learn and develop new skills to be able to traverse an increasingly divisive, nuanced, and complex world.

Newfield Network has been a pioneer in the field of leadership and coaching, supporting over 70,000 individuals to learn exactly what is required to show up effectively to meet the complexity of the human moment. This free mini-course is here for anyone who wants to better understand why coaching is one of the most powerful pathways to making a lasting impact.

In This Free Mini-Course, We'll Explore:

Why Coaching Now?

Learn the three central problems causing suffering, warfare, and chaos in the world and how coaching is a profession perfectly equipped to provide meaningful solutions. There is a reason why coaching is one of the fastest-growing careers in 2023. The demand for well-trained coaches is quickly rising because humanity realizes its current capacities are not sufficient. Learn how you can join the coaching revolution to help co-create a world we would want our great-grandchildren to live in.

What is Ontological Coaching?

Learn what is unique about Newfield Network’s' unique approach to enacting change in the world. Our time-tested methodology is used around the globe, within every domain of society, to foster profound transformation. An Ontological Coach goes beyond the surface to support our clients in making deep structural shifts in consciousness. When transformation is created through shifting how we make sense of and address our challenges, lasting change becomes inevitable.

The Newfield Experience

A world, often in chaos, requires a new way of being in the world. We cannot remain the same and expect a different result. A new way of being challenges us not to learn more data but to experience a new way of learning. Newfield’s learning experience is like no other in the world. Learn about our unique immersive learning approach that is changing how human beings lead, coach, and create meaningful impact wherever they go.

What's Inside?

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  An Introduction to the Power of Coaching
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