Living the Art of Becoming

Thirteen thought-leaders & luminaries will take you on a journey of self-discovery & awakening.

Newfield Network's Virtual Summer Symposium

Living the Art of Becoming

August 2016

This will be an opportunity for us to come together as a community of change agents and become collectively inspired, renewed, and transformed.


Over two short weeks we have welcomed 280 participants into the symposium! It is amazing to see people posting and sharing who they are and why they are here. Bottom line....people are fired up and ready to dive into an exploration together where we will co-create a more beautiful world!

For months we have been designing a virtual symposium with thirteen thought leaders & luminaries entitled: Living the Art of Becoming.

You will have access to mind-blowing presentations that explore the emergent edge of possibility that lives within us. Here you and I can discover how to think, feel, and practice in new ways to live a continually transformative life.

This becomes a springboard for participating in collectively designing a more brilliant future. In fact, we have created a post-symposium design & action section for participants to take what they have learned and work together to bring something new into the world.

Who Is This Symposium For?

  • Do you desire transformative change in your life?
  • Do you want to turn personal transformation into compassionate action in the world?
  • Do you desire community of like-minded people to engage in new conversations & explore new possibilities together?
  • Are you a coach, facilitator, teacher, leader, or practitioner of some kind who is looking for new tools & distinctions to support your clients?
  • Do you passionately care about our world and want to participate in a collective movement for co-creating a more beautiful future?

If you answered YES! to any of these questions, this symposium is for you!

So what is Becoming anyway?

Becoming is the process by which life flourishes & blossoms, forever arising as something new, creative and fresh. Becoming is the heart of transformation itself. In this symposium, thirteen thought leaders & luminaries will offer diverse presentations centered around the theme of becoming.

And the best part…because it is a virtual symposium, you can attend from anywhere and will have access to the videos forever after the event is over! That way if you miss one of the presentations you can watch it later or if you especially loved one in particular you can watch it over and over again.

Join a community of like-minded people and engage in a powerful process of learning, today. You will be transported into new realms of discovery & offered practices to transform your life and the world.


Symposium Presenters

Julio Olalla

Collective Becoming: Cultivating Inter-Subjective Awareness

As founder of Newfield Network, Julio Olalla is regarded as one of the founding fathers of the Coaching Profession and as a pioneer in Transformational Learning. In this presentation Julio will address how culture and history influence our worldview, including not only our interpretations and perspectives, but also our emotional landscape. The understanding of self as a separate individual is a central component in our human suffering. Bringing awareness to our intersubjectivity, alters the assumption and experience of self as separate. How do we become when we experience self as an integral part of humanity, of the mystery of life and of the cosmos?

You will:

  • Explore how awareness of the way in which we observe impacts our freedom of unfolding.
  • Examine how historical and cultural drifts impact our becoming.
  • Learn how emotional learning is essential to our collective development.

Terri O'Fallon

Coaching Developmentally : The Three Questions to Inform your Coaching

This presentation outlines three questions that can help you as a coach learn the developmental level of your clients.

As coaches we want to bring our awareness to the depth of our clients so that they can find within themselves the sources of their own support and healing. So much of this depends on their developmental level. But how can you know what level someone is expressing when he or she is sitting right in front of you?

This presentation will help you see with new eyes, the three primary qualities that arise at each of four adult developmental levels. While there are hundreds of qualities that fit within a person’s stage, knowing the three parameters for each stage will support your understanding of where your client is right now. Whether your client wobbles, or grows, you can keep track of what stage they are accessing and adapt your interventions to them as they change. This is the art of developmental coaching.

Terri O'Fallon is a researcher, teacher, coach, spiritual director and designer of transformative containers. She recently completed research on the Integral Stages developmental model, identifying three later adult developmental levels and a series of patterns that repeat throughout the human life-scape. She and Kim Barta co-teach practical approaches for the application of this model for coaches, psychotherapists, parents, and other mentoring positions. Terri is a founding partner of Pacific Integral, which creates a variety of programs including “Generating Transformative Change”. Terri holds Masters degrees in Special Education, and in Spiritual direction and an Integral PhD in Transformative Learning and Change.

You will learn:

  • By asking three questions you can determine the stage someone is activated at in the moment and tailor your interventions to fit that moment in time.
  • When the client changes you can adapt and change the way you are with the client based on which parameter is changing for the client.
  • To practice the art of developmental coaching during this presentation.

Thomas McConkie

All Roads Lead Home: Unlocking the Power of Career and Relationship Through Presencing

Thomas McConkie will guide you during this session into a deep experience of your inmost knowing. Drawing on the science of human development and the art of meditative awareness, you will learn the basic steps to accessing your intuition and receiving inspiration along your unique path of Becoming.

Thomas is an author, public speaker, and meditation teacher. He currently serves as Faculty at Pacific Integral, one of the premiere institutes in the world for studying adult development and consciousness. He has been practicing mindfulness and other meditative techniques for 18 years.

You will explore:

  • The basic territory of human development: Gross, Subtle, Causal.
  • Bad habits: Thinking the day away.
  • Subtle Yoga: Stretching awareness into its full range & glory.
  • Clues you’re getting warmer: Go slow to go fast, walking the pathless path, taking the one seat.

Alexander Love

Silken Threads of Transformation

What does eternity, the instant, and silken threads have to do with emergence?

In this presentation, he will take us on a journey through life as emergent process, gesture, and motion. Most of us are wired to experience life as if we are solid objects. In this presentation, we will compare that social norm with living life as an unfolding process. This will be explored through weaving together Integrally informed process philosophy with ancient Chinese medical wisdom. Through this we will discover the physiology of transformation and the art of evolutionary becoming. This presentation is perfect for anyone desiring deeper transformation in their lives, skills to work with life’s deepest pains, and coaches who want to add powerful tools to their practice.

Alexander Love is a renowned acupuncturist, life coach and cultural luminary. He recently participated in a TEDx event and gave a deeply moving talk entitled How embracing pain creates a legacy of love.

You will explore:

  • What is spiritual & emotional heart pain & what you can do about it.
  • The key to perpetual transformation.
  • The qualities of the emergent soul & how to locate it within yourself.
  • Practices that will transform trauma into a treasure trove of wisdom and discovery.

Lonny Jarrett

Integral, Evolutionary & Spiritual Perspectives on the Practice of Medicine

East Asian medicine evolved in a cultural milieu influenced by by the precepts of Daoism, Confucianism, and later Buddhism. The emphasis of both Daoism and Buddhism is on return and transcendence. East Asian philosophy and medicine immigrated to the West in the 17th century and has been growing in influence in the United States for nearly 50 years in the context of postmodern culture. In this talk I'll discuss the implications of East Asian Medicine becoming a world medicine that embraces integral, evolutionary, and spiritual values. In the traditional context, using medicine to "free the flow of qi" was conceived as "harmonizing" a patient with the circular flow of the seasons to establish homeostasis. What does medicine look like when evolution is a core value associated with health?

Lonny S. Jarrett, M. Ac., author of Nourishing Destiny, The Inner Tradition of Chinese Medicine, has been a student of Chinese medicine since 1980. He holds a master’s degree in neurobiology and a fourth-degree black belt in Tae Kwon Do. Lonny maintains his clinical practice in Stockbridge, Massachusetts.

You will:

  • Understand Medicine as an archetype of the transcendence of the East/West dichotomy.
  • Learn how becoming is synonymous with health.
  • Learn the relationship between spiritual, evolutionary, and integral values in the practice of medicine.
  • How can the evolution of values improve organ function?
  • Why is East Asian medicine a perfect foundation for the emergence of integral medicine?

Barbara Marx Hubbard

The Art of Evolving: What is the Evolutionary Impulse Creating in You?

Drawing from her deep understanding of the lessons of evolution, Barbara will offer insights about the crises humanity is facing today and suggest how you can contribute your unique brilliance to transform your personal life and society.

Barbara Marx Hubbard has been called "the mother of conscious evolution." Visionary, speaker, social innovator, and evolutionary thinker—she believes that crises precede transformation and that global change happens when we work collectively for the greater good.

A prolific author and educator, Barbara has written seven books on personal and social evolution, including Conscious Evolution, Emergence, and 52 Codes for Conscious Self Evolution.

In 1984 her name was placed in nomination for the Vice Presidency of the U.S. on the Democratic ticket, calling for a "Peace Room" to scan for, map, connect and communicate what is working in America and the world.

You will explore:

  • What is the Evolutionary Impulse?
  • How is it manifesting in this crisis and opportunities we are facing?
  • How is the impulse of creation expressing in you now?
  • What is your vision of fulfillment personally & in society?
  • What is your deepest spiritual awakening NOW?

Dr. Susanne Cook-Greuter

Ego’s Function, Language & Integration

In this presentation, we will discuss the ego and its central task to make sense of experience and its fabulous capacity for story telling and map making in its efforts to feel significant and deny our impermanence. An exercise with scissors will bring some more abstract considerations of language into focus and an anchoring exercise may help to access an inner resource. I will advocate the need for integration and grounding at all levels as part of being a human being in contrast to the current emphasis on transcending.

Dr. Susanne Cook-Greuter is a founding member and elder of the Integral Institute . She is considered a thought leader in ego development theory and structural text analysis. Susanne received her doctorate from Harvard University. She teaches vertical development worldwide, certifies professionals in developmentally-tailored coaching. At CLM, she works with companies to help them become teal organizations.

You will:

  • Unpack the need of the self (ego) for permanence and significance.
  • Explore the centrality of language in meaning making.
  • Learn the importance of integration of all levels to balance the current emphasis on ego-transcendence.
  • Discover the centrality of the coach as an instrument. The more mature and the better tuned to all levels, the more impactful.
  • Navigate central questions for the coach: What is it like to be you, this unique person I am privy to encountering?
  • Explore a caveat regarding coaches’ egos: Sowing seeds rather than hoping to get rewarded with results.

Bob Dunham

Creating Your Path of Becoming

We have the choice of drift or design in our life’s journey, but most in our culture are unaware of the choice. Awareness creates choice, and we must become aware of the choices of design to bring them to our process of becoming. In this conversation Bob will discuss how we can bring the context of design in choosing to become who we are.

Bob Dunham is founder of the Institute for Generative Leadership (IGL) and has trained hundreds of graduates in the three-year Coaching Excellence in Organizations (CEO) program. IGL partners with Newfield Network - the leading school of ontological coaching - and also offers the discipline of Generative Leadership and management in the Generative Leadership Program™ (GLP). Bob’s experience as a corporate executive and COO of startups informs over thirty years of coaching, consulting, and result-based practices for effective leadership and coaching in organizations. Bob works to establish leadership, management, and coaching in organizations as mature professions.

You will explore:

  • Aliveness – How do we discover our meaning and what life is calling us to?
  • Choice & Care– How do we make our life choices for meaning and value?
  • Becoming – What is the process of becoming? What are the dimensions of choice?
  • Design – How do we inform our choices to have a good life, be most ourselves, and explore our possibilities?
  • Create Your Path – What must we do to find, hold, and walk our path?

Steve McIntosh

The Evolution of Consciousness - How & Why

Steve McIntosh is a leader in the integral philosophy movement and author or three books on the evolution of consciousness: The Presence of the Infinite (2015), Evolution’s Purpose (2012), and Integral Consciousness (2007). He works as President of the Institute for Cultural Evolution, an integral political think tank.

In this webinar he will discuss how human consciousness evolves, and how that development can be fostered in ourselves and others. From a political perspective, almost every human problem is a “problem of consciousness,” so becoming more effective at evolving consciousness is a key to addressing the challenges of the twenty-first century.

You will:

  • Learn about integral philosophy.
  • Learn about the spiritual teachings of evolution.
  • Better understand your own consciousness.
  • Gain compassion for those who hold different values than you.
  • Expand the scope of what you’re able to value.

Terry Patten

Tending a "Garden of Lions"

Terry Patten is co-creator and co-author, with Ken Wilber, of Integral Life Practice. He hosts the influential teleseminar series Beyond Awakening, where he explores how higher consciousness can address our biggest challenges. Terry has originated influential teachings on Integral Spiritual Practice, the Integral Heart, Integral Soul Work, spiritual activism and awakened mutuality. His new book, The Awakening Activist, will be released in Spring 2017.

You will:

  • Be inspired by the awesome contradictions and responsibilities your clients face.
  • Discover new powers to recognize your clients’ unique lion-like power and genius.
  • Be empowered to face “the big questions” deeply and become a trustable guide.
  • Unpack new tools for forging more fruitful relationships to paradox.
  • Embody practices for in-the-moment resilience, resourcefulness, and improvisation.

Gon Cordova

Essential Movements for the Art of Living

Do you want to accelerate and enhance your capacity to coach and live powerfully?Are you curious about learning essential movement to create sustainable change? Is learning powerful models to enhance the transformation process appealing to you?

Join globally recognized somatics expert Gonzalo Cordova NCC, PCC for an experience that will allow you to take your body and your coaching to a new level.This webinar invites you to explore new paths of learning and growth, and will leave you touched, moved, and inspired personally and professionally.

Together we will explore and learn to recognize somatic, linguistic and emotional distinctions and their application in life and coaching.You will develop an enhanced awareness of the role of your body in life and in coaching conversations, and as a result new possibilities will emerge.

"Learning is a rumor until it is in the muscle."

Indigenous Papuans

You will learn to:

  • Elevate your presence with distinctions of coaching from the body.
  • Learn to learn through experience.
  • Facilitate transformational processes through body and emotional practices, and learn to sustain them over time.
  • Rediscover your potential to be inspired.
  • Build the bridge that connects the mind and the heart to gain deeper listening.

Charles Eisenstein

The Space Between Stories

Civilization's transition mirrors that of many individuals: an old world falls apart and eventually we step into a new. As that happens, much that was once certain disintegrates, and our old ways of making choices and effecting change become obsolete. Vast new possibilities arise, even miraculous possibilities, yet we may also go through periods of loneliness and doubt. The purpose of this discussion is simple: to ground ourselves more solidly in the new world, so that we may more fully believe -- and enact -- what we know in our hearts.

Charles Eisenstein is a speaker and writer focusing on themes of human culture and identity. He is the author of several books, most recently Sacred Economics and The More Beautiful World our Hearts Know is Possible. His background includes a degree in mathematics and philosophy from Yale, a decade in Taiwan as a translator, and stints as a college instructor, a yoga teacher, and a construction worker. He currently writes and speaks full-time. He lives in Asheville, North Carolina with his wife and four children.

You will:

  • Recognize the limitations of goals and planning.
  • Understand the dynamics of transition.
  • Connect personal transformation with social, political, and ecological issues.

Veronica Olalla Love

Poised on the Needles' Edge: Integrating Being & Becoming

Becoming is related to the dynamic impulse of life to move, to reach, to stretch and grow. Being is related to dynamic stillness of existence. What is our orientation to each of these states? How are awareness and deep listening essential aspects of integrating these two aspects of life? What is the impact of softening this polarity by widening our embrace? Veronica Olalla Love is the legacy holder for the Newfield Network. She is also a senior facilitator and CEO for the Newfield Network US. Her background weaves together the ontological coaching tradition, Chinese medicine and an embodiment of Integral theory.

You will:

  • Elevate your awareness regarding being & becoming.
  • Ignite your capacity to integrate polarities.
  • Learn practices to widen your embrace.

Bonus Audio Recording

Craig Hamilton

Activating the Impulse of Evolution

What’s really possible for our higher spiritual evolution? In this evocative seminar, Craig Hamilton shares from his own experience on the spiritual path to illustrate the profound evolutionary potential for your life—and all of human life.

He illuminates how you can awaken to the evolutionary impulse—the powerful creative force that animates the universe—and align with it so that your entire orientation towards life is infused with deeper meaning and higher purpose.

In practical yet inspiring terms, Craig reveals how you can begin to access this vital energy and approach life through this empowering perspective. And he offers specific practices that will allow you to begin cultivating an evolutionary relationship to life today.

Craig Hamilton is a pioneer in the emerging field of evolutionary spirituality and a leading voice in the movement for conscious evolution. As the guiding force behind Integral Enlightenment, Craig offers spiritual guidance and teachings to a growing international community spanning 50 countries around the world.

In this Guest Faculty bonus workshop, you will discover how to…

  • Use a powerful practice you can engage anytime during the day to infuse your life and actions with the boundless energy of evolution itself—and why this kind of “engaged inquiry practice” is often more transformative than silent meditation and contemplation.
  • Cultivate an “inner compass” that will enable you to stay “on purpose” and aligned with Spirit even when you’re feeling overwhelmed by the chaos and complexity of daily life.
  • Make the profound but simple shift in orientation that can allow you to bring the wisdom and awakening you’ve experienced in your deepest moments into every moment of your life.
  • Access the three pillars of conscious evolution and why ignoring any one of them will always sabotage our efforts to evolve.

Frequently Asked Questions

When does the course start and finish?
The course starts August 15th and goes until August 27th. But access to the material never ends! You will always have access to the recording and community forums!
How long do I have access to the course?
How does lifetime access sound? After enrolling, you have unlimited access to symposium material for as long as you like - across any and all devices you own.
Who is Living the Art of Becoming summer symposium for?
This symposium is for anyone who desires change in their lives. If you are a person who feels a call to engage in transformative processes and personal development, this is for you. But some of us want don't want to stop there. Many people want to change their lives in powerful ways to be able to make an impact in the world. If that describes you, this event was designed for you. If you desire community where you can connect with new people and engage in new conversations and explore new possibilities together, this is for you. If you are a coach, facilitator, teacher, or practitioner of some kind who is looking for new tools to support your clients, and personal development to nourish you, this is for you.
How does a virtual symposium work?
Here is how it works: When you join the event, you will be given access to the symposium section within our online learning center. When you go into the symposium you will see each speaker will have his or her own area. Inside each speaker’s section you will find, the date and time for the presentation and the link to his or her live event which will be broadcast via Zoom. When the speaker’s presentation is over, a recording of the live event will be posted in the same place you initially found the link. This way, you can come back to it, or watch it later if you missed it. Participants can also post, chat, and engage underneath each presentation and in other community forum sections.
What if I’m on vacation during the symposium dates but really want to attend?
No problem! Everything will be recorded and you can watch any or all of the presentations at a later date that best suites your schedule.
If I don't buy now but decide I want it later what happens?
You will be able to buy this symposium after the event takes place, but the price goes way up (to 187.00). So if you ever think it is possible you will want to enjoy any of the world-class speakers, I suggest you join now. To be honest, the discounted price of this symposium would be worth it even for one presentation.

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