Perspectives on Love & the Purpose of Being Human

Free Course: Learn a new way of seeing the world and how to deepen your understanding of love and human purposefulness.

As our knowledge and technological capacity grows, it seems that our capacity for connection has dwindled. Not only are we often disconnected from others (in the workplace or in our personal lives), but we are often disconnected from our own hearts and with the intimacy that is possible with the world itself.

What can we do to shift these trends?

At Newfield, we talk about the importance of a new kind of learning, a new way of seeing the world, one that lives equally in mystery of the complexity of life and in the joy of possibility. It is this kind of learning that is needed in the world to create true change.

It is from this place that I want to offer you this mini-course on the subject of Love & the Purpose of Being Human. I find the perspectives included here to be enriching and nourishing. Each recording is 16 minutes or less and this offering is free.

I am honored to partner with you on this journey of discovery. Please take a few moments and listen to experts in the field of personal development and coaching and join us in co-creating a more beautiful future.

With gratitude,

Veronica Olalla Love, CEO Newfield Network US

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