Perspectives on Becoming

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Almost every day we get news of another mass shooting, hate crime, or violent act. As our hearts collectively break over and over again, something awakens in us.

It the question, "What can I do?"

At the Newfield Network we engage with thousands of people. The stories people share are very similar. People tell us they can no longer sit back and watch life happen around them. They want to stand up, change their own lives and from that vantage point make real positive change in the world.

My Job as CEO of the Newfield Network US, is to meet this desire with new possibilities. So I set to work and gathered a group of short but powerful audio recordings on the subject of Becoming. I have found them to be very moving excerpts and I think you will too. Each recording is under 20 minutes and this offering is free.

Becoming is a word to describe the perpetual unfolding that we go through as human beings who are a part of an emergent life process. Becoming is the root & foundation of our own transformation and by extension the force that initiates and sustains real change in the world.

I am honored to partner with you on this journey of discovery. Please take a few moments and listen to experts in the field of leadership and join us in co-creating a more beautiful future.

With Gratitude,

Veronica Olalla Love, CEO Newfield Network US

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