Love & The Purpose of Being Human

Thirteen thought-leaders & luminaries will take you on a journey of self-discovery & awakening.

Newfield Network's Virtual Summer Symposium

Love & The Purpose of Being Human

August 2018

This will be an opportunity for us to come together as a community of change agents and become collectively inspired, renewed, and transformed.

Join us for this opportunity to come together in order to transform ourselves and better support positive change in the world by exploring the timeless themes of love and purposefulness.

Love and purposefulness carry great power: from annihilating differences and humbly accepting all that is, to generating fulfillment and enacting change in the world.

In this symposium, we bring you 13 thought leaders, coaches, and luminaries to explore the topic of Love and Human Purposefulness. This is an opportunity to explore and deepen what love and purposefulness are, what it can become, and how you can deepen a relationship with these two essential dimensions of being human.

Who is this symposium for?

  • You passionately care about our world and desire to participate in a collective movement for co-creating a more beautiful future.
  • You are a lifelong learner.
  • You live from curiosity.
  • You are passionate about transformative methodologies.
  • You believe that by doing your own work, you are more effective at serving others: coaches, practitioners, facilitators, leaders, mentors, teachers...
  • You are inspired and energized from being in thought-provoking conversations with like-minded people.

This platform offers a flexible format that works with your learning style and allows you to attend from anywhere. In addition to the immersive live sessions, you will have lifetime access to all the recordings to watch whenever you like, as many times as you like.

Join us to deepen your understanding of love and purposefulness, and expand your possibilities for designing a more vibrant future with a community of engaged, passionate, and trailblazing learners. (NOTE: CCEU's are not available for this event.)


Symposium Presenters

Julio Olalla

Love, Wholeness, & Wisdom

Our modern obsession with knowledge is what leads us to the feeling of separation. We know “about” the world but we don’t know from the world. The core source of human suffering in our time is precisely this sense of separation which creates meaninglessness, lack of purpose, and lack of belonging. We can return to a feeling of wholeness through love and wisdom. The essence of love is connection, it is the force towards wholeness. In love separation is unthinkable. Love is connection with beauty, and beauty is one of our sources of purpose.

In his session, you will:

  • Become aware that in the common sense of our times, separation is a keystone, a “given.”
  • See how when we look from the perspective of separation, we tend towards self-accusation and accusing others.
  • See the empowerment in looking from the perspective of wholeness and the perspective of being learners.
  • Understand how in knowledge we only refer to beauty, whereas in wisdom, we can experience beauty.
  • Access and connect to your inner wisdom.

Terri O'Fallon, PhD & Marj Britt, EdD

A Soul's Invisible Code: The STAGES of Love

Have you ever noticed or wondered how love shifts and changes in our lives as we grow up and wake up? This offering presents the love journey through our lives by examining research derived from the STAGES LOVE inventory where Marj and Terri will share with you the qualities of love through the developmental shifts we make in our lives.

In their session, you will:

  • Unveil the categories of love for each developmental level.
  • Describe how love Is expressed at each level.
  • Examine upshifts of love throughout our lives.
  • Experiment with some practices at each developmental level to support loving.
  • Suggest how we can support people to grow in love.

Marty Raphael, MCC, NCOC

What’s Between Me & Love: and What’s Evolution Got to do with It?

We’ve all had your struggles understanding whether to seek love, or hope against hope that it will find us instead. With divorce rates at 50-60% and above, parents look to restructure and preserve their families in the most amicable ways possible through mediation, collaborative divorce, coaching or other means outside arbitrary and adversarial court systems.

And women caught in career enigmas often wonder, "Do I have to choose my work over a sustainable romantic relationship?" These difficult scenarios become clearer when we question our assumptions about just what love really is and our assumptions about how we engage in relationships with people, places, and things.

How do we, as coaches, provide an environment of discovery and safety for our clients in their search for meaningful connection to others and the cosmos at large?

The Upanishads said, “Wherever there is ‘other’ there is fear.”

The Course of Miracles says, “The opposite of love is not hate. It's fear.”

When we contract away from love and connection, we become only identified with self and see all else as ‘other.’ The emotion that is evoked is the brain stem primal state of fear.

In her session, you will:

  • Self-assess whether you are a seeker, receiver, or channeler of love.
  • Learn to see love as a formidable Evolutionary Force rather than simply a human emotion.
  • Learn the qualities of egocentric, ethnocentric, and world centric love and assess where you are in your developmental stages.
  • Recognize how to move from your addiction to self-reliance to being able to let go and open to your innate wisdom.
  • See how to monitor how much love is the substrate of your life by looking to see how much fear exists there.

Thomas McConkie

Love Itself

In one of his classics, Leonard Cohen sings of a love that goes “on and on” forever. Mysteriously, this love comes from nothing and returns to nowhere. What are we to make of this? Where is this “open door” that he speaks of and how can we walk through it?

In this session, we’ll touch into timeless wisdom from an ancient classic, then offer practices that allow us to flow this selfless love through our unique self.

In his session, you will:

  • Gain insight into ancient wisdom from the Chinese classic - Tao Te Ching.
  • Connect patterns from ancient wisdom to modern developmental science.
  • Experience Integral Polarity Practice - a unique synthesis of traditions.
  • Work with meditative states, including causal and nondual.
  • Taste love itself and learn to flow this virtue more fully into the world.

Anna Chitty

How Presence Reveals Purpose

Anna will explore how to meet experience with presence in order to find the purpose and guidance that is inherent in each moment. When we can be with all that obscures this presence, and see experiences as doorways, we can begin to craft a path of maturation for ourselves that creates an embodied experience of purpose in each moment.

In her session, you will explore:

  • When life feels purposeless, we are often not being open and present with our own experience.
  • The capacity to be present can be blocked by personal, cultural and ancestral patterns. These patterns have helped us to survive, but they can also reduce our innate sense of connection and purpose.
  • When we can be with and really feel these obscurations, with appreciation instead of judgment, they can start to soften.
  • Mindfulness helps us relate to our wounds in a new way, offering transformative maturation rather than “healing” or “fixing.” When we shift from problem-solving to forging a different relationship with our experience, life events become invitations to a deeper understanding of purpose.

Kim Barta

The 4 Songs of Love

Kim Barta will outline the four major love dynamics, demonstrate how to deepen each dynamic, illustrate how limitations in our four songs will drive conflict with others from friends, to co-workers, to lovers and even for ourselves. Plus, he will share how to come into balance with the four love songs to create a beautiful harmony with any situation or person you encounter.

In his session, you will:

  • Understand the four songs of love.
  • Learn how to deepen each song.
  • How to use each song to deepen your relationship.
  • Unpack why relationships are not working.
  • Learn how to sing the right song to repair and enhance your relationship.

Alexander M. Love, M. Ac, Dipl. OM

Love, Soul & Suffering – Powerful Practices to Heal Pain & Suffering

In life, many of us suffer. In being human, pain of some sort is likely but suffering, our resistance to pain, is unnecessary.

In this interactive talk, you will be offered new distinctions and guided through practical exercises that will enable you to approach suffering in a new way. You will learn two different approaches to working with suffering: one active and one receptive. The active approach will draw upon the healing power of your soul. The receptive approach will utilize qualities of love to embrace and heal deep seated pain and our resistance to it.

This talk will be personally transformative for anyone who suffers. For the coach, you will be able to apply what you learn here with your coaching clients once you have learned these new distinctions and practices within your own experience of suffering and pain.

Join us for a deep transmission of healing while learning new tools to help yourself and others. Alexander Love, professor, acupuncturist, and coach will weave together wisdom from Chinese medicine and developmental coaching to give you new distinctions for your life and coaching practice.

In his session, you will:

  • Discover the root of suffering and what to do about it
  • Experience the dynamic qualities of your soul
  • Learn how to use your soul to embrace suffering and find the purpose in pain
  • Experience deep qualities of love
  • Explore how to use deep qualities of love to heal pain and suffering

Terry Patten

Things Are Far Too Serious for Us to Lose Our Sense of Humor

We fear to face our world crisis, but it offers us a sacred opportunity, one that can imbue our lives with a new level of immediacy, aliveness, purpose and joy. Our collective problems need to be understood in radically personal terms. By understanding their implications, our inner work, outer work, and relationships can be energized and transformed.

In his session, you will:

  • Clarify the nature of our collective “super wicked” problems
  • Outline the neurological, cognitive and emotional reasons we tend to stick our heads in the sand
  • Understand the moral imperative that we stay positively oriented and grounded in trust and gratitude
  • Connect your deep inner work, personally and with clients, to catalyzing the whole-system change our world needs
  • Feel and experience how the evolutionary pressures of our unprecedented times can strengthen your capacities and deepen your relationships

Miriam Mason Martineau

Coming Home to Our Original Nourishment and Ever-Unfolding Destination

Love and the Purpose of Being Human. Nudging the “and” to “is,” the title of this symposium answers its own exploration: Love is the Purpose of Being Human. What does that actually mean? And how do we live with this invitation, this challenge, this purpose, day in, day out? How do we become that which we already are, yet seem to have forgotten?

We will contemplate these ‘biggies’ with a special view toward our daily lives and relationships as parents, partners, friends, coaches, and counsellors. This presentation is about making love practical. It is about practicing the art of loving.

In her session, you will:

  • Learn about kindly and courageously facing yourself so that you can grace the world with your true face, your authentic self.
  • Discover practices that bring love into action in relationship with your self and others.
  • Explore emotional regulation as a foundational capacity to enact love.
  • Learn about the Evolutionary Arc of Life and how this context enables a fuller understanding of the human journey.
  • Engage the whole you: human being and human becoming.

Veronica Olalla Love

Live in Love: Virtue, Love and Purpose

Experiencing love is one of the most beautiful aspects of being alive. In fact, we could say that aliveness is linked to our capacity to live in love.

In this interactive webinar, we will explore three aspects of love stemming from the ancient Chinese wisdom of the five elements.

In her session, you will:

  • Explore love and purpose through each of the three faces of love.
  • Discover the challenge and struggle each of these dimensions of love and purpose.
  • Begin to unveil the virtues, wisdom, and gifts each aspect presents us.

Bob Dunham

Creating a Good Life with Love, Purpose, and Being Human

In our culture today, the common life journey seems to be busy, even overwhelmed, dominated by work and results without the depth of deep questions and answers of meaning about life. We have lost the question of what is a good life.

Exploring love, purpose, and being human opens our possibilities for designing and living a good life. Bob will explore choices we have to understand and integrate these themes into our practices of living for the sake of a good life.

In his session, you will:

  • See the power of asking “what,” as in, "What is love?" Purpose? A human being? A good life?
  • Explore the kind of answers to these big questions that open up worlds of choices rather than contract to single answers.
  • See our possibilities in being human not as a big, abstract question, but as a question that we are answering in our everyday living.
  • Explore what are our choices to learn, design, and practice living a good life.
  • Delve into the question: How can we begin a lifetime path of a good life starting right now?

Chuck Ceraso

Reality is Not What You Think; Make Art, Not War

Bonus: Exclusive Recording

In early human development, we created a system of naming things in order to communicate. This conceptual orientation has actually served to separate us as we end up relating to ideas rather than the world itself. A perceptual orientation to the world, which is a deep receiving of that which is before us and within us, allows us to relate to the thing itself and can reveal the connectedness behind appearances.

Art making requires a sensory orientation to the world, painters see, dancers feel, musicians hear. It is an act without meaning or definition. It’s is a revelation of the mystery of life and being. It is an act of love.

In his recording, you will:

  • Learn how art-making is natural to everyone and not an issue of talent.
  • Understand the opportunity of living through questions and not answers.
  • Receive exercises to practice and develop sensory awareness.
  • Learn how art making can be a spiritual practice.
  • Learn how to be free of fear and judgement.

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When does the course start and finish?
This course starts August 17th and goes until August 24th. But access to the material never ends! You will always have access to the recordings and community forums!
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How does lifetime access sound? After enrolling, you have unlimited access to this course for as long as you like - across any and all devices you own.
Who is the Love & The Purpose of Being Human Summer Symposium for?
This symposium is for anyone who desires change in their lives. If you are a person who feels a call to engage in transformative processes and personal development, this is for you. But, some of us want don't want to stop there. Many people want to change their lives in powerful ways to be able to make an impact in the world. If that describes you, this event was designed for you. If you desire community where you can connect with new people and engage in new conversations and explore new possibilities together, this is for you. If you are a coach, facilitator, teacher, or practitioner of some kind who is looking for new tools to support your clients, and personal development to nourish you, this is for you.
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Here is how it works: When you join the event, you will be given access to the symposium section within our online learning center. When you go into the symposium, you will see each speaker will have his or her own area. Inside each speaker’s section, you will find the date and time for the presentation and the link to his or her live event, which will be broadcast via Zoom. When the speaker’s presentation is over, a recording of the live event will be posted in the same place you initially found the link. This way, you can come back to it or watch it later if you missed it. Participants can also post, chat, and engage underneath each presentation and in other community forum sections.
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