Newfield Alumni Dialogues - Learning in Action

Newfield Network's Alumni Community Forum to Catalyze Collective Emergence

Are You Yearning for Connection?

Once we have gone through the Newfield Program we are profoundly aware of the importance of community, connection and learning in our lives. With this deep experience many of us crave to actively and continuously be part of a community. We know the power of co-inspiring each other to evolve, through presence and rich conversation. These Learning in Action (LIA) conversations are one way to nourish our collective unfolding.

These monthly alumni dialogues are the perfect place where we can show up fully and engage in a sacred environment where we reflect collectively and co-generate a beautiful shared future. In these conversations we draw upon our collective community wisdom and pave the road for co-designing a thriving alumni community.

Join us on the first Thursday of every month at 12 PM EDT/10AM MDT

Class Curriculum

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